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I’m so glad you have landed on my website to connect with me. 2015 was an incredible year in my career. Since entering the business in 1988 I have had continued growth in my production. In 2015 I was named the number 1 producing agent through Century 21 Corporate in the State of PA. I love what I do even more today than when I first started. I’m grateful to have the success that has afforded me the ability to enjoy the things in life that make me happy. Summers in my home at the Jersey Shore surrounded by family and friends is my greatest pleasure. Sitting around the dining room table with my entire family and traveling the world with my husband run a close second. And since I have been 12 years old I have been collecting Mickey Mouse memorabilia which always makes it easy for anyone to buy me a gift. sushi, red wine and dark chocolate are my favorite foods. I live by the motto of ‘Get by Giving’ and cherish every day as if it were my last.

215-887-GOLD (4653) x1333

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